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Our mission of protecting NZ through sustainable biosecurity programmes is very important to us and we push ourselves to do more each year:

Kona EV Biosecurity Car.JPG

Electric Fleet

We have electric vehicles and plant in the company and will look to add to the fleet and continue to modernise.  Battery powered small plant is quieter, lighter to carry, and puts out less vibration as well as being good for the environment.

Electric Fleet

Environmental Accreditation

We have been accredited with ISO14001:2015 for our environmental systems.  We look at ways to reduce our agrichemical use, bring more efficiencies to our work, and reduce our impact on the environment for the work that we do.

Environmental Management 14001.png
Environmntal Accreditation
Recycling paper with SPCA.JPG

Zero Waste

We aim to tread lightly on the earth and as a part of that we are working towards our goal of Zero Waste.  We recycle plastics, metals, food and green waste, and only send to landfill items that can’t be recycled.

Zero Waste

Alternative to Plastic and Polystyrene

We have removed as much plastic from our business as possible.  Suppliers remove plastic from packaging, polystyrene is replaced with perforated recycled cardboard, and goods are delivered in paper bags.

Zero waste, eco packaging and rice grain pots.JPG
Alternatie to Plastic and Polystyrene
Carbon Reductions.JPG

Carbon Reductions

We are measuring our carbon emissions and looking to become Carbon Zero.  We have modernised our fleet, have set reduction targets and are moving towards off-setting.

Carbon Reductions
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