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Our team of consultants have been working in the industry for many years covering imports, exports, pest management, biosecurity response management and biosecurity system design.​

You will find a solution to your needs with us.

National Biosecurity Consultancy

  • ​Weed and Pest Management Plans

  • General Biosecurity Plans

  • Marine Biosecurity Plans

  • Restoration Planting Plans

  • Monitoring and Maintenance Plans

  • Farm Management Plans

  • Sediment Reduction Plans

  • Transitional Facility Accreditation guidance

  • National Biosecurity Programmes for international clients

  • Regional Pest Management Plan development support

  • Compliance inspections and reporting

  • Pre-audit checks.

  • Lead Auditor independent auditor checks

  • Systems analysis

  • ISO Accreditation readiness

International Biosecurity Consultancy

  • Mitigating the threat of invasive species

  • Developing and implementing effective market access programmes and protocols for trade facilitation

  • Import and Export Phytosanitary certification

  • Quarantine Border Inspection – PAX, Air Freight, and Sea Freight.

  • Independent Pathway/ System review

  • Compliance/ Regulatory Audits
  • Train the trainer

  • Quarantine Officer Training.

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