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Our Four Pillars

Since our inception we have had a mission of “Protecting New Zealand’s unique biodiversity and environment for future generations through the implementation of practical, effective and sustainable biosecurity programmes”.

Our sustainable programmes have a foundation in the four pillars of our business.  They are holistic and all-encompassing to ensure we will be able to continue to do what we do for generations to come.

We invest in our people and community to contribute to a more sustainable future.


  • Equal Employment Opportunity policies in place; if you have got what it takes we want you to join the Biosecurity Family.

  • Individual training programmes for each employee at all levels of the business, assessed and run annually.

  • Full industry training through external [providers and internal competency programme.

  • Monthly All-In Toolboxes for the whole company to come together and discuss a range of topics in a collaborative forum.

  • Regular recognition and team celebrations for the team to acknowledge and appreciate performance.

  • Celebrate our successes with team and company events, cultural celebrations and rewards.


  • Work towards zero waste by reducing packaging coming into the company, reducing waste to landfill, increasing recycling capabilities, and working with nurseries to return plant pots.

  • Conduct fuel efficiency studies to identify vehicle replacement needs and upgrade fleet.

  • Conduct carbon footprint assessments for the whole business and look for ways to decrease our carbon footprint and mitigate any emissions.

  • We celebrate Plastic Free July annually.

  • We are members of AgRecovery and recycle all agrichemical containers.

  • Our fleet is upgraded frequently to maintain high fuel efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions, including the addition of electric vehicles.

  • Encourage team biodiversity projects such as competitions for who can ecosource and germinate native seeds within specific timeframes.

  • Celebrate environmental attitudes through our annual awards ceremony.


  • We celebrate our cultural diversity and richness of our Biosecurity Family.

  • We participate in Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori annually.

  • We encourage employees to participate in Movember annually.

  • We donate to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust and Youth in Transition annually.


  • Employ and Deploy Locally.

  • ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, and IANZ17020 independent accreditations.

  • Quality Champion role within the company that monitors our compliance with ISO and IANZ standards.

  • Operational Improvement Requests whereby team members can recommend innovations and improvements.

  • Regular audits to ensure consistent high quality work outputs and make the most of learning opportunities.

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