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Working at NZBSL

We want you to be a part of our Biosecurity Family.  Our people are what make us great, and we offer a range of career options for our team members.


Working at NZBSL also gives you access to experiences within the wider Omah Group of companies, so you have the potential to explore Biosecurity, Ecology, Training or Open Space Management, amongst others.

NZBSL Pledges

At NZBSL we are committed to the team:

Equal Opportunities

    We want the best people for the job.  If you have the right attitude we will teach you the rest.


    Diversity is celebrated and is what makes the team strong.  Who you are and what you bring is important to the team.

Health, Wealth and Wellbeing

    We have a dedicated training programme, we maintain market wage rates, and we partner with Southern Cross Healthcare so everyone is cared for.

What does the team say?

Listen to Olivia tell us about why she joined NZBSL and what it means for her:

Marlin shares his story of joining NZBSL and why he loves working here:

Join Us

Be part of protecting New Zealand’s unique ecology and environment. Find out all you need to know about becoming part of our team.

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Get in touch with us today

To register your interest in working for us or to find out more you can:

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