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Restoration of natural areas across New Zealand is one of our specialities, we are very passionate about it.  We have a number of field teams that undertake restoration works year round, completing all aspects of the restoration process from planting plans to site preparation, planting  and ongoing maintenance.  As part of our work we can also offer photo points and monitoring, showing the enhancement of the area over time, including drone footage and GPS marker points.


We operate to an agrichemical reduction policy that sees us use low chemical volumes at all times to get the best response from the restoration area and are responsible in our use around sensitive areas like waterways.


Our teams love working with community groups and can organise community planting events, BBQs, education, and ongoing volunteer management to see a restoration area through to canopy closure.


We operate across New Zealand for our restoration services, managing terrestrial and aquatic weeds and pests.


Whether you have a farm and are preparing an area for subdivision, or a council owned park that needs ongoing and superior restoration , our friendly team can help you.

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