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Pest Plant Management

The team at New Zealand Biosecurity Services attain industry related qualifications and has accumulated over 12 years' experience in the early recognition and control of unwanted plant species, along with the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance programmes for re-invasion sites.

We are conversant with the requirements of various Regional Pest Management Plans under the Biosecurity Act 1993 and able to consistently meet conditions imposed by Resource Consents:

By controlling unwanted vegetation we can help:

  • Protect and improve local biodiversity

  • Protect Primary Industries

  • Eradicate high priority species across target areas

  • Prepare for restoration activities

  • Improve conditions for recreational activities

  • Maintain the condition of assets such as roadways and footpaths

Pest Plant Control

There are over 700 introduced plant species in New Zealand, many of which can cause serious harm to our native environment, be an economic threat to farmers and horticultural producers, or threaten human health. A large number of these species are subject to controls and restrictions under Regional Pest Management Plans. These plans provide guidance to and specify obligations of landowners to control certain plants to prescribed standards.

Our industry qualified team is able to provide advice on meeting these requirements or implement a control and maintenance programmes designed for your specific situation.

Get in touch and let us help.

Vegetation Control

While not all plants are subject to the requirements of a Regional Pest Management Plan, many still have a negative impact on the environment. These plants can impact on land and water recreational activities, pose health and safety risks and can affect the aesthetic value of the landscape.

New Zealand Biosecurity Services is a firm believer that no one solution fits every weed control problem. The philosophy of implementing an integrated approach to pest management means you will receive the most appropriate, effective and environmentally sensitive solution to your particular problem.

Our control methods may include one or more of the following;

  • Mechanical means such as chain-sawing, scrub-cutting, hand-weeding or mowing

  • Chemical control using the least toxic and selective chemicals, applied at the optimum time / season

  • Restoration programmes to naturally suppress pest plan development and encourage native growth

Chemical Application

The application of chemicals is an effective, practical and cost effective management tool in the fight against controlling unwanted vegetation. However in the wrong hands chemicals can have catastrophic consequences to the natural environment, wildlife and to human health.

As a company, New Zealand Biosecurity Services strives to attain the highest levels of accreditation available within the industry. Since 2011, we have achieved Growsafe Accredited Company Status, receiving periodic independant audits against stringent Growsafe requirements. We also hold current Telarc accreditation against international quality, environmental and H&S standards.

Individual team members have achieved Growsafe Registered Chemical Applicator and Approved Handler certification and have accumulated thousands of hours applying chemicals in a wide range of environments, utilising a variety of application techniques and equipment.

Whatever your requirements we are able to provide you with a solution in keeping with the industry Code of Practice NZS 8409:2004- The Management of Agrichemicals.

Use New Zealand Biosecurity Services with confidence for all your chemical application needs including:

  • General weed control around life-style blocks, domestic and commercial premises

  • Control of pest plants predominately via tender based contracts

  • Roadside vegetation management in rural and urban environments

  • Broadleaf weed control in turf and pasture

  • Liquid fertiliser application

  • Insecticide and fungicide application

  • Control of moss, lichen and algae

  • Aquatic weed control in streams, lakes and rivers

  • Re-vegetation site maintenance programmes

  • Organic weed control methods available where requested

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