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Company Affiliations


New Zealand Biosecurity Services is an accredited company with the Growsafe New Zealand Trust, who set industry standards for agrichemical use throughout New Zealand. This accreditation recognises adherence to standards including storage, transport, application and disposal of agrichemicals. New Zealand Biosecurity Services is one of a few companies that have reached Growsafe Registered Company status.

New Zealand Biosecurity Institute

Members of the New Zealand Biosecurity Services Team are members of the New Zealand Biosecurity Institute, which is an incorporated society that aims to raise biosecurity awareness, encourage industry best practice and the sharing of knowledge

National Pest Control Agency

Members of the New Zealand Biosecurity Services Team are members of the National Pest Control Agency which is a co-ordinating forum for everyone involved in vertebrate pest management in New Zealand.

Rural Contractors New Zealand

New Zealand Biosecurity Services has achieved Registered Contractor, Qualified Contractor and Registered Chemical Applicator status with Rural Contractors New Zealand. These registrations mean that our business, our people and our operational processes have been accredited to the highest industry level.

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

New Zealand Biosecurity Services has progressively grown with the aim of growing capability rather than bolstering profit levels. The objective is to develop the company through investment in expertise, training, new high quality equipment, company accreditation and selected sponsorship, like the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.  The Auckland Rescue Helicopter is a vital service that anyone could need at anytime.

Ecology New Zealand

Ecology New Zealand Limited is a privately owned company, specialising in ecological assessments, monitoring, management and compliance. Our areas of expertise support our passion to protect New Zealand’s unique biodiversity and environment for future generations, while providing for sustainable growth and development.

Grounds & Services Ltd

Grounds & Services Ltd (GSL) is a nationwide New Zealand owned and operated company, bringing together a diverse range of specialist skills that we utilise in a cohesive way to provide high quality outcomes for our clients. Based in Christchurch, we complete large scale civil construction and open spaces projects for major clients in both urban and rural areas. We also have a purpose built mechanical workshop, with a dedicated team that can fix anything from a mower to heavy earthmoving equipment.

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