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 Multi-site Transitional Facility (MTF) 

NZBSL is one of 3 companies authorised by MPI to operate a Multi-site Transitional Facility (MTF) System for low risk sea containers.


The MTF System provides an alternative for importers who bring in low-risk sea containers that don't want to have their own transitional facility.

The system allows importers to have containers delivered to their businesses, as long as:

  • consignments are not subject to an import health standard

  • their sites conform to transitional facility general requirements (e.g. having a concrete hardstand to sit the container, and suitable clearance for inspection).

NZBSL takes overall responsibility for all MPI requirements to operate a multi-site transitional facility.

Structural car inspections

NZBSL undertake structural border inspections for imported pre-used cars.

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