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Cnr Chapel & Stancombe

Aquatic Plant Management

We have a team of freshwater restoration specialists that can manage the complex task of managing aquatic weeds within stormwater management ponds and wetlands, rivers and streams.  We utilise specialist equipment which  has specifically been designed to allow us to effectively manage submerged, emergent and margin weeds, all of which have detrimental impacts on the functionality and aesthetics of the asset.

Our team have been trained over many years and are industry qualified to Growsafe Registered Chemical Applicator- Aquatic standard.  Our proficiency with, and knowledge of, aquatic herbicides enables us to target specific aquatic pest plants while avoiding beneficial non target native  species, allowing them to thrive with some spectacular results.

Our clients are very happy with the work that we are doing as we enable their ponds and wetlands to return to full capacity, prevent flooding, halt the spread of aquatic weeds to downstream areas, and reduce their ongoing maintenance of inlet and outlet and structures.

If you have aquatic weeds such as alligator weed, glyceria, water hyacinth, salvinia, parrot's feather or Manchurian Wild Rice (to name a few), then chat to our friendly team and we can come and help you today.

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