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About Us

New Zealand Biosecurity Services is a progressive and privately owned company specialising in the delivery of biosecurity programmes. These consist of Border, Surveillance, Response, Management and Restoration focused services. All team members have a strong passion and desire to protect New Zealand's primary industries as well and maintain and enhance New Zealand's unique biodiversity values.

The focus of New Zealand Biosecurity Services is to provide our business partners with a key range of biosecurity related services, carried out in a professional and environmentally sustainable manner. In achieving this we hope to be recognised as performing a vital link in the maintenance of New Zealand's natural resources.

Many of New Zealand's native and often endemic species are constantly under threat from invasive plants, animals and diseases. Our team team are passionate about playing their part to ensure that these species are not lost, but remain for future generations to enjoy.

Our Company vision, mission and value statements set the culture and direction that all the New Zealand Biosecurity Services team aspire to and strive to achieve. They reflect the long and short term goals for the business and demonstrate to our business partners the under pinning philosophy that makes us so very unique.

Our values reflect the importance that we place on maintaining and developing our team through mentoring, training and development, as well as developing associations and affiliations across the industry.

We are passionate about the environment we work in - check out our Health and Safety and Environmental Policy here

Meet the Team


Adam Field

Biosecurity Manager

Wayne NZBSL.jpg

Wayne Hartley

Biosecurity Consultant


Rebecca Oscroft

Team Leader


Gavin Condon

Team Leader 

027 271 3234


Danielle Hancock

Business Development Manager


Matthew van Archterberg

Operations Manager Auckland


Hamish McLachlan

Team Leader 

022 814 655

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