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Vegetation Control

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While not all plants are subject to the requirements of a Regional Pest Management Strategy, many still have a negative impact on the environment. These plants can impact on land and water recreational activities, pose health and safety risks and can affect the aesthetic value of the landscape.

New Zealand Biosecurity Services is a firm believer that no one solution fits every weed control problem. The philosophy of implementing an integrated approach to pest management means you will receive the most appropriate, effective and environmentally sensitive solution to your particular problem.

Our control methods may include one or more of the following;

  • Mechanical means such as chain-sawing, scrub-cutting, hand-weeding or mowing
  • Chemical control using the least toxic and selective chemicals, applied at the optimum time
  • Biological control which promote natural processes in the fight against weed development
  • Vegetative planting and maintenance to suppress weed development and restore the natural environment.

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