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The control of unwanted and invasive plant species can result in many benefits to the wider community.

By controlling unwanted vegetation we can help:

  • Increase the diversity of native species and animals
  • Promote healthy ecosystems
  • Beautify the community
  • Improve conditions for recreational activities
  • Promote health benefits
  • Maintain the condition of assets such as roadways and footpaths

The team at New Zealand Biosecurity Services has attained industry related qualifications and has accumulated numerous years' experience in the early recognition and control of unwanted plant species and unsightly, sometimes damaging vegetative growth, along with the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance programmes of revegetation planting plans.

We are conversant with the requirements of various Regional Pest Management Strategies under the Biosecurity Act 1993 and able to consistently meet conditions imposed in Resource Consents.

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 Pest Plant Control  Vegetation control  Chemical application

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