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Ngutunui Priority Possum Control Area

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The NZBSL Pest Animal Team are currently undertaking possum control on behalf of Waikato Regional Council in the Ngutunui Priority Possum Control Area (PPCA). The 5,189 hectares of the Ngutunui PPCA is located between Otorohanga and Kawhia. The majority of the land is used for sheep and beef farming with some dairy.

Our control programme commenced in February 2012 and is performing to expectation. Completion is anticipated for April 2012. A range of control methods are being used to meet the needs of each individual property owner located within the PPCA.

Operations Co-ordinator Chris Gubb, spent some time at Ngutanui School to talk with the children and teachers about the impacts of possums on the environment and what NZBSL was doing to control them. Chris related this back to the hectare of land that the school has on Mount Pirongia. Chris also talked about the types of poisons and the traps that are being used in the block and what they do. By the end of the talk, all 27 children (5-11 years old) were able to recognise the warning signs and say what they needed to do if they saw bags of poison.

Community involvement is an integral part of the programme and NZBSL appreciates the time and local knowledge given freely by the residents.

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